Harbour Results, Inc. is carefully monitoring the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the North American manufacturing industry. We know that this will be a difficult time for small- to medium-sized manufacturers and are committed to helping you navigate this unprecedented situation.

After talking with hundreds of companies in the last week, we have found that there are a variety of ways that shops are managing this crisis. Some production shops have had to close down completely in order to align with their customers and conserve cash, while others are running skeleton crews and considering new work patterns to stagger shifts, better clean their facilities, and keep their teams healthy through social distancing.

We invite you to share with us the ways you are managing this pandemic so that we can share with others and hopefully help everyone in North America get through this global crisis as best we can.

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As you navigate through these uncertain times, please remember that Harbour Results is here to help. We are working with businesses to help them find tactical ways to conserve cash, lead with transparency and take care of their employees. If you have any questions regarding this or would like to talk with us about the current landscape, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please take care of yourself, your families and your organizations during this time of uncertainty.