Our strategic advisory services help companies create a tactical and executable plan that drives results. We help create successful businesses by equipping them with the knowledge, information, network and expertise to create long-term vision and the strategic plan to achieve that vision.


Harbour Results helps businesses achieve their full potential. Our experienced team not only formulates winning strategies, but also implements against those strategies. We deliver industry specific strategic development services across key business areas, including:

In addition to implementing strategic services, Harbour Results conducts onsite training and development activities to ensure employees have the skill sets necessary to implement change and lead the organization to success. Training services include:

  • Leadership development
  • On-boarding support
  • Managing organizational change
  • Job shadowing and mentoring
  • Continuous improvement
  • Leadership roundtables: a HRI-led peer-to-peer leadership service focused on developing the next generation of manufacturing leaders

“The team at Harbour Results identified what we were doing right as well as opportunities for improvement. They played an important role in achieving alignment among Falcon’s leadership, developing a five-year plan and holding us accountable for implementing the strategies within that plan. They have put us on the path to being a more data-driven organization poised to achieve the growth we want to achieve. We have high expectations and they have delivered.”

-Jay Bender, president, Falcon Plastics

About Harbour Results Inc.

Harbour Results is focused on revitalizing the North American manufacturing industry and is driven by a passion to help small- and medium-sized businesses develop a roadmap to maintain financial and operational success.

For 10 years, Harbour Results has leveraged its experience, expertise, relationships and access to exclusive data to deliver sound strategies that positively impact manufacturers.

Transitioning to the New Quality Management Standard

A new global industry standard, ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949, was published, evolving and replacing the current ISO/TS certifications and redefining the requirements of a quality management system for manufacturers.

Harbour Results has the experience, knowledge and proven strategy development process to help manufacturing companies comply with the new standards. Through our strategic advisory services, we work collaboratively with your organization to create an executable strategic plan focused on the new standards that also delivers positive business results.

Let us help your company navigate the required quality management changes. We’ll develop a comprehensive road map for your future success. Contact Cara Walton at cwalton@harbourresults.com for more information.